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Algeco on the Poznań City Beach

2016-10-26 2733
Location: Poznań
Date: 2016
Purpose: Food stands
Project type: Rental

From 1st June till the end of August, you can relax on as many as four Poznań city beaches. This year, Wilda has joined Rataje, Chwaliszewo and Szeląg. Visitors can enjoy their time everyday from 10:00 to 22:00 at no admission fee.

In Chwaliszewo, in the old bed of Warta river, you will find our container building serving as a place with drinks, ice-creams etc. You can relax on a lounger on the terrace of the container.
You can actively spend time on the beach playing beach volleyball or badminton. Everyone have access to balls, boards and Frisbee. There is also some space to sit on the river banks, there are loungers on the sand.

Apart from active summer recreation, a daily dose of entertainment is organized in cooperation with the neighbouring KontenerArt for those spending summer in the city. The events include exhibitions, workshops and large dose of music.

Around 800 animations, workshops, cultural and sports events - the summer season by the Warta river appears to be extremely interesting.

Let's spend the summer together by the Warta river!